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Slurrytech Ceramax parts are manufactured from Silicon Carbide (NSC) and are characterized by excellent wear properties, good chemical resistance, good temperature and impact resistance.

NSC allows us to offer our clients pump components as a monolithic casting for surface uniformity and reduced turbulence. Slurrytech NSC parts offer an excellent combination of toughness and hardness that is required in solids and slurry pumping applications. A ceramic without this combination will fail prematurely under fracture fatigue or general erosion.

Wear Life

Pump wear and parts life are influenced by many factors such as material grade, mineral properties, flow and pressure patterns, pump geometry, particle velocity, solids concentration and solids size distribution are amongst some of these factors, Many books have been written by many people trying to explain these "complex" interactions.

Regardless of this vast knowledge and understanding that exists today we have seen only marginal benefits to parts life made in the field.

The true reason for this is because actually resolving wear issues in the field is more complex than just writing a paper, a thesis or a book around an area of understanding.

To truly resolve pump wear you need not only the technical expertise in fluid mechanics but also a thorough understanding of material sciences, maintenance practices, equipment design, plant design and processing complexities and probably the most important is field application experience. At Slurrytech we have a very broad technical expertise, but we also have the real world field experience.

Harnessing our expertise and field experience together we have designed our Ceramax range of pump components.

Our group focus has been to develop parts in materials and designs that actively reduce the effects of solids interaction and impact on the pump life, and we can proudly state that we have succeeded!

The jewel in our crown is the Ceramax range of slurry pump parts. Never before has their been a cost effective range of parts in a material grade and design that can extend wear life by a factor of up to 20 times and better, whilst at the same time enhancing safety for both maintenance and operations staff.

These are not just bold words or unsubstantiated claims, these are real world results from multiple sites under varying duty conditions. Listed following are a few samples of what our Ceramax parts have been able to achieve.

Hard Rock Miner - Pumping a coarse solid to 3mm particle size with Mohs hardness of 9 and 35% c/w through a 4/3 pump.

Original impeller life 3 to 4 weeks for OEM R55 rubber, U27 poly, U60 poly, A61 alloy.

Slurrytech impeller life consistent 16 to 20 weeks in NSC Silicon Carbide.

Mineral Sands Plants - Pump a variety of slurries through various pump sizes.

Worst case 7 to 10 days life on a 3/2 pump fitted with R55 rubber, U27 poly or alloy parts.

Slurrytech Ceramax parts have been in service for 20 weeks = 140 days and on last inspection were estimated to have between 8 to 10% wear.

Coal Washer - Coarse reject duty to 6mm for a 6/4 pump size.

OEM parts life of 10 to 12 weeks on Cr27 high chrome alloy.

Slurrytech parts installed for over 24 weeks with only 5% wear on last inspection.

Ceramax parts offer exceptional life benefits over traditional materials used in slurry pump applications.

The table below shows how to estimate the Wear Life Benefit achievable through use of our advanced materials technology.

Cost Analysis link (at bottom of page) will take you to an Excel based version of Parts Cost Analysis which contains a copy of the Wear Life Factor worksheet.

Result Images

The following images show new and worn impeller condition for coarse 3mm high hardness solid duty.

Worth noting is that although the alloy impeller is worn to failure it generally has more structure left compared to the Ceramax impeller. This is due to the localisation of wear that occurs in alloy and elastomer parts.

In alloy impellers localised holing leads to flow bypass to low pressure regions with subsequent efficiency and performance loss and an acceleration of wear due to irregular flow streams. Given another week in duty the alloy impeller would suffer from further failure due to shroud shearing, this generally happens when the front shroud separates from the rear due to completely worn through vanes.

For elastomer impellers the results are worse as the primary shielding material is stripped from the mild steel reinforcing. This can lead to bonding breakdown of the elastomer and alloy. Complete part failure usually occurs relatively quickly once the part is holed through to the reinforcing.

The Ceramax impeller due to it's design and unique material properties is able is spread the wear load over a larger area and does not suffer from localised failure until an extended wear life has been achieved. By doing this the impeller is better able to sustain it's performance and efficiency over time. Like the alloy impeller if left in duty for another 2 weeks this impeller would likely fail due to shroud shearing.

The distinction in failure between the alloy and Ceramax impeller is that the Ceramax impeller has better maintained it's geometry over a significantly extended time frame.

This result has been on a coarse solids application for which most ceramics are not normally recommended, however as demonstrated the Ceramax material can withstand these difficult application conditions extremely well. On finer particle slurries the results of the Ceramax part success are even more pronounced.

New 4/3 Impeller

New 4/3 Impeller

New Ceramic Impeller

New 4/3 parts

Worn Ceramc. Life x 6

Worn Ceramc. Life x 6

Worn Ceramc. Life x 6

Worn Ceramc. Life x 6

Worn Ceramc. Life x 6

Worn Ceramc. Life x 6

Worn Ceramc. Life x 6

Worn Ceramc. Life x 6

Worn Ceramc. Life x 6

Worn Alloy. Life x 1

Worn Alloy. Life x 1

Worn Alloy. Life x 1

From the 100's of parts supplied to clients in the last 18 months the only parts that have been replaced to date are ones shown above with a 16 week life cycle. All other installs remain operational with the best case result being 18 month with 5% wear.

Cost Effectiveness

Ceramax parts are exceptionally cost effect against OEM elastomer and alloy parts. Also against Sintered, Siliconised and Alumina Oxide competitor products.

A typical cost analysis for correct application will see between 2 to 20 times wear life at approx. 1/2 the life cycle cost of OEM product.

Further Information Links

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