Life Improving, Cost Reducing, Safety Enhancing, Environmentally Friendly, advanced pump parts technology.

Slurrytech Ceramax parts are manufactured from a specially formulated grade of Silicon Carbide (NSC). Silicon Carbide is characterized by excellent wear and abrasion resistance, high toughness and good resistance to chemical attack.

Ceramax parts allow us to offer pump components with unprecedented wear life performance and cost effectiveness.

Never before has there been a range of parts available that offers significant across the board benefits:

Sustained Efficiency Impeller

Sustained Efficiency Impeller

Ceramic Volute

Ceramic Impeller

Ceramic Volute

Ceramic FPLI

Ceramic Throatbush

Ceramic Impeller

Ceramic Impeller

6/4 Fitted

6/4 Fitting

Ceramax Volute

6/4 Parts

6/4 Parts

3/2 Parts

Ceramax Lined AH Pumps

Ceramax AH Pump Parts

Ceramax Lined 3/2

Ceramax Lined 4/3

SiC Lined C23 Expeller Ring

SLURRYTECH  Ceramax Ceramic pump parts.


Field proven life benefits over existing elastomer and alloy parts. Site results confirm a life increase of up to 10 times over existing materials with Ceramax parts showing only 10% wear.

Estimate your life cycle benefits using Slurrytech's Parts Cost Analysis (link below).

Your site should insist on improved parts life regardless of who your current supplier is.


Client issued Trial Report confirms significant cost reductions against standard materials. Report reflects for a 4/3 pump size a known cost reduction of  >AUD$20k per pump, per year. Now implemented across 10 pumps on site the costs savings have become even more pronounced.

While having a comparable purchase cost to some new alloy grades Ceramax parts significantly outlast them. With uniformed wear (no localised gouging) Ceramax parts are able to sustain their efficiency over an extended period of time and life.

Please see our
Parts Cost Analysis for further information on how Ceramax parts can save your site money and down time.

You should have an expectation for reduced costs over time regardless of who's parts you use.


At Slurrytech we have a dedicated focus on Safety Enhancement. Working with clients we have identified areas of concern and have developed new products and technologies to address them.

Our approach is to build into the equipment we sell multiple levels and layers of safety that address:

1. Root Cause - Identify and eliminate the root cause of the safety concern or problem.

2. Fail Safe - In the event of a failure of 1. additional safety measures are employed or are built into our equipment to offer enhanced protection.


Any brand or make of slurry pump can become bogged, a condition that develops due to suction and discharge of the pump becoming blocked.

The action of the impeller rotating within a confined chamber imparts energy into the trapped fluid, this is converted to heat as the slurry / fluid has no means of escape so replacement flow can not cool the pump.

Over a sufficient time frame the energy imparted can reach the fluid boiling point, which due to internal pump pressures can often be much higher than water at atmospheric pressure (100 deg C), in some cases it can reach as high as 140 to 180 deg C. with pressures up to 3000kPa. These temperatures and pressures far exceed the design constraints of a standard slurry pump. Also worth considering is that a slurry pumps pressure rating is for parts in an as new condition and which have not been worn down by the solid being pumped. A pump with 50% erosion of the main casing can have it's pressure rating reduced to 40% of it's original rating (dependant on material grades used).

In this environment of high pressure and high temperature with worn parts and reduced pressure rating a sudden release to atmosphere can cause what is termed a "steam explosion". This happens when a superheated fluid under pressure expands rapidly as it's constraining environment is suddenly removed and rapid expansion through vaporisation of the confined fluid takes place. Equipment failure such as a casing cracking or elastomer liner melt out or even through intentional opening without realisation or understanding of the confined pressure and temperature can result in a steam explosion.

In either case it presents a clear danger to both operational and maintenance staff who have to deal with these types of blockages on a regular basis.

Root Cause -
Through analysis it becomes clear that the root cause for explosion potential is the point of energy input. In a slurry pump this takes place through the drive train, either belt or direct, and into the impeller through the bearing assembly and shaft.

To date all efforts to overcome the effects of energy build up have been reactionary by means of a pressure relief system (energy release) device that allows for high pressure and high temperature fluid / gas release in an effort to reduce risk.

The main problem with this approach is that we are subject to the same events occurring that caused the problem in the first place, slurries contain solids and solids block valves and devices so that they do not operate as they were intended to.

To address the root cause requires a safety release system designed to eliminate energy input at the source. To this end Slurrytech have developed unique Patent Pending products, Impeller Shield and Pump Shield.

Further Information Link on Pump Shield and Impeller Shield - Slurrytech Technology

Slurrytech are currently in the final stages of a new and exciting product development aimed at addressing long standing industry concerns regarding slurry pump safety. Please return soon as we expect to have information posted here by mid 2009.

You should demand enhanced safety. Settle for nothing less - it's in your sites best interest.


For any given product there are materials used in it's construction that have a carbon cost associated with their production. For example poly and rubber pump parts have a high direct carbon cost as they are manufactured and contain materials directly derived from the petroleum industry. They also have an impact in waste as they are not readily recyclable or degradable. Alloy and ceramic parts are based on minerals and chemicals derived through mining which also has a carbon cost associated with it, but less direct than petroleum.

Environmental benefits can be achieved through product life extension, the longer a part lasts the fewer are used and the lower the carbon cost associated with it. This is where SLURRYTECH  Ceramax ceramic pump parts excel. With longer life and sustained efficiency over time these parts achieve a significantly lower carbon cost than existing materials.

One of our ceramic impellers can last outlast 5 rubber, poly or alloy impellers. This directly equates to 1/5 of the carbon cost, in addition to this their are incidental benefits of reduced transport, packaging and labour costs, all of which have an impact.

Consider the environment impact of your current parts use and set targets for reduced emissions. we all want to and need to make the difference!


Production - Primary duty pumps with no standby can often impact plant availability and cause unscheduled shutdowns due to premature failure or short wear life. Extending the run time of these pumps allows operator to keep their plant on line, thereby achieving higher plant availability and production throughput.

Seal Life -
With extend parts life you can achieve better seal life, specifically with mechanical seals. Once installed seals can run for extended tome frames without being disturbed for parts change out. 

If your current supplier can't help you achieve your objectives then talk to Slurrytech !


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