Maximum Life. Sustained Efficiency. Reduced carbon emissions

Slurrytech Ceramax parts are manufactured from Silicon Carbide (NSC) and are characterized by excellent wear properties, good chemical resistance, good temperature and impact resistance.

NSC allows us to offer our clients pump components as a monolithic casting for surface uniformity and reduced turbulence. Slurrytech NSC parts offer an excellent combination of toughness and hardness that is required in solids and slurry pumping applications. A ceramic without this combination will fail prematurely under fracture fatigue or general erosion.

Slurrytech NSC Ceramic is one of the most robust ceramic materials available today, it achieves outstanding performance in a range of different duty conditions

Table 1. Typical mechanical and thermal properties for Slurrytech NSC, Silicon Carbide 70%.

Graph 1. Thermal properties for various ceramics.

Table 4. Detailed mechanical and thermal properties for Silicon Carbide.

Image 1. Typical microstructure for NSC.

Cost Effectiveness

NSC parts are exceptionally cost effect against OEM A05, A12 and A61 alloys, and also against Sintered, Siliconised and Alumina Oxide competitor products.

A typical cost analysis for correct application will see between 2 to 6 times wear life at only 1.5 to 2.0 times the capital cost. Against other ceramics the cost advantages are significant.

Cost Analysis Link - Typical analysis of potential cost savings through use of Ceramax parts.

Ceramics Testing - Testing and testing drawbacks for determination of ceramic properties.



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