Maximum Life. Sustained Efficiency. Reduced carbon emissions



SLURRYTECH  SE ceramic pump impellers are available to suit 3/2, 4/3 and 6/4 AH series with 8/6 and 10/8 in development.

We can also design and manufacture other sizes according to client demand.

SE impellers offer benefits over existing HE or EP parts being used:


SE impellers have unique design features that reduce turbulence, increase material thickness and result in sustained component life. One Ceramax impeller can outlast up to 15 standard design impellers.


The SE impellers enhanced design and wear resistance = Sustained Efficiency over time.

Impeller geometry is not compromised as quickly due to substantially lower material attrition rates thereby allowing the SE impeller to maintain it's peak efficiency for longer and over multiple life cycles of competitor impellers.


Typical duties include:

Plant Processing - All in plant process transfer duties are suitable.

Chemical Slurry - Chemically inert material with excellent resistance to most Acid and Alkaline duties. Excels where most other materials would corrode or wear away.

Tailings Pumping - Excellent microstructure for high wear resistance to ultra fine solids which normally become entrapped in flow vortices and cause premature failure to parts.


On a cost analysis against standard materials ceramic parts are the clear winners. While having a comparable cost to some new alloy grades our ceramic material significantly outlasts them by a factor of 5 to 15 times. On a simple cost analysis this adds up to big savings.

In addition to this the SE design impeller maintains it's peak profiled geometry and subsequent highest efficiency point for longer (between 5 to 15 times longer). The Sustained Efficiency over time results in reduced power costs and again reduced carbon costs associated with it.


Environmental benefits can be achieved through product life extension, the longer a part lasts the fewer are used and the lower the carbon cost associated with it. This is where SLURRYTECH  Ceramax ceramic pump parts excel. With longer life and sustained efficiency over time these parts achieve a significantly lower carbon cost than existing materials.

One ceramic impeller can last outlast 5 rubber, poly or alloy impellers! That in itself is a significant carbon reduction.

Consider the environment impact of your current parts use and set targets for reduced emissions. we all want to and need to make the difference!

If your current supplier can't help you achieve your objectives then talk to Slurrytech !!


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