Concentrate Feed Pump


Mineral sands operations in South West of Western Australia.


3/2C-AH series Warman pump running at ~2000 rpm.


Concentrated mineral transfer with acid pH 2.0

Original Equipment Trim

Polyurethane or rubber trim. High cost specialty alloy impeller.

Original Equipment Life

2 weeks on polyurethane or rubber trim. 2.5 to 3 weeks on costly specialty alloy impeller.

Slurrytech Trim

Ceramax Impeller, Ceramax Volute, Ceramax FPLI.

Slurrytech Equipment Life

20 weeks on Ceramax components with approx. 10 to 15% wear on leading edge of impeller vanes. Volute and FPLI show no signs of localised or uniformed wear.

Current Outcomes

Existing life improvement of over 2000% against original equipment fit up.

Projected Outcomes

Based on existing wear rates it is anticipated that the Ceramax parts will remain in place for another 20 weeks at which time they will be re-inspected. This would result in a life improvement of over 4000% against the original equipment best results.

Cost Implications

The client has realised major cost benefits through the use of Ceramax parts. Benefits have resulted from reduced parts use, reduced inventory holdings, reduced down time and reduced mobilisation costs for pump rebuilds.

Additional Benefits

Mechanical Sealing - Client can now focus on mechanical sealing of pump to match wear parts. Mechanical sealing will reduce product dilution and expense associated with moisture removal from end product.

Carbon Cost - Significantly reduced carbon impact due to increased wear life, reduction of raw materials use and frequency for lower wear life parts, reduced waste and recycling costs. Sustained efficiency over longer wear life also reduces carbon cost.

Summary Table

SUMMARY TABLE Actual Life Wear Projetced Life Life Improvement Cost (parts only)

Carbon Impact

Weeks to date % Weeks % P.A Cycle rate
OEM Elast 2 100% 2 0%  $      65,000.00 100%
STG Ceramax 20 10% > 60 3000%  $        5,000.00 3%

For further information on this success story and how our Ceramax technology can be applied to your plant please feel free to contact us.

Site user references can be given to validate performance results and benefits.

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