To ensure that we are in touch with our clients needs and have a grasp of what they expect from us we ask a few simple questions in the form of a survey.

Once responses are received answers are collated and the results averaged, results are distributed back to participants and also posted here for general review.

Survey ratings are: 10 = high score. 1 = low score.


1. Please rate your satisfaction with regards to product reliability / longevity.

2. Please rate your perception of Slurrytech product knowledge.

3. Please rate your satisfaction with regards to ease of use / application of technology.

4. Please rate cost effectiveness.

5. Please rate your opinion of environmental benefits.

6. Please rate order supply accuracy.

7. Please rate delivery timing.

8. Please rate product quality.

9. Please rate impact product has had on life cycles.

10. Please rate your sites interest in expanding product application.

Outcome Targets / Feedback

Essentially our questionnaire is formed to give us 4 areas of feedback.

1. Cost Effectiveness / Value for Money - Fairly straight forward results, if clients appreciate the value that our products give they will reflect this in their scores across a number of the questions asked.

2. Service and Knowledge - These questions reflect clients satisfaction and the weight they place on our service and backup. This is one of our challenge areas as perception plays a large part of how clients view us. Our responsibility is to accurately and intuitively respond to our clients questions and needs before they become issues.

3. Future Interest - This area is used to gauge potential for additional product development. If clients score us high in this category then there is sufficient cause to continue with on going product and technology development.

4. Environmental - Through this question we want to ascertain the weight of importance or otherwise that our client group places on environmental issues.

Our targets at Slurrytech are set to achieve a higher score than 8.5 on all questions. (This would equate to an overall average of 8.5). We have not set ourselves an unrealistic expectation of achieving perfect 10's across all categories. While we strive to achieve perfection and to not let clients down we understand that events and circumstance sometimes do hider our best efforts.

Recent Results

Results are based on a broad range of position feedback from purchasing through to engineering, production and maintenance. All scores are collated with each question being averaged and from those averages a final average score is derived.

From the results gathered our overall average score is 8.95.


Firstly we would like to tank all our clients who participated in the survey.

Questions 1, 4, 9, and 10 scored perfect 10's which indicate that our clients are extremely satisfied with product life and cost effectiveness / value for money with a view to further expand their use of our technology.

Questions 2, 3, 6, 7, and 8 had average scores between 8 and 9.5 which indicate a high level of satisfaction with Slurrytech's capacity to supply product of high quality within a reasonable time frame, and to support the product with a high level of knowledge.

Question 5 relating to environmental benefits has scored below our target and indicates that we either need to raise awareness of the environmental benefits of our products or that our clients do not place as much weight on the importance of this factor as others.    

Client Comments

Mineral Sands - This WRC stuff is amazing, you should make complete parts out of it. (WRC = Wear Repair Compound, see information on our Ceramax ceramic pump parts).

Processing Plant - WOW what else can we say! We were dubious at first, we've been trying to overcome this pump problem with the OEM for 20 years and gotten about a 25% improvement. Slurrytech comes along and say that they can more than double the life. More than double it they did, we are now at 40 weeks with Slurrytech ceramic against 4 weeks on the OEM's best materials and still pumping nicely. Over 10 times the life and still running!!

Engineering Consultants - Just wanted to drop you a quick note and say brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. This Curve Engine pump selector is incredible, easy to use, direct comparisons, easy to change parameters and in a familiar Excel environment. And it's FREE!!

Gold Miner - Don't know how you do it but keep doing it. Increased mill pump life from 6 weeks to 9 weeks, may not sound like much to some but to a gold mine it's fantastic.

Nickel Mine - Technical knowledge on slurry pumping and application is second to none. Surpasses the support and knowledge of the OEM's reps.

Rock Mining - Parts that last is an understatement. Parts that last at 1/2 the cost is what you should be telling everyone. Supply time is excellent, always looking to offer solutions.

Chemical Processor - Knows his stuff. Service is great, we had a delivery delay on a critical part but Slurrytech kept us informed all the way through and even had a plan B up their sleeve if needed. (sometimes things do go wrong, we try hard to keep the clients informed and when things look like impacting them to come up with alternative stopgap solutions. Incidentally this client scored questions 6 and 7 with 8's).

Mineral Extraction - We've been considering using Slurrytech parts and asked our existing supplier if they could match what Slurrytech are doing. Their managers reply was ummm ... no, you'll have to talk to Slurrytech about that we can't help. (wow even our competitors are acknowledging our benefit).


To make things interesting why not challenge yourself to ask the same questions about your existing parts supplier and see what outcomes you get?



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